General Questions

Where do you get the translations for your cards and doctor notes?

All of our safety cards and documents are translated by professional translators who are knowledgeable about regional variations in language, cuisine, culture and society. They know how to set the right tone for the questions and statements that appear on the safety and allergy cards. They are a trusted foundation of our service.

Are the cards plastic? What size are they?

The cards are made of durable PVC plastic the same as a credit card. No water damage will occur. No floppy bending. They are the size of a standard credit card so they fit in a pocket or wallet. They have color printing on both sides.

When and why did you start selling these cards?

We started selling these cards in 2004 after an experience that our daughter had while traveling in Europe.  Having life-threatening food allergies to nuts and peanuts, she had very few food choices without a way to communicate with restaurants and food vendors.  We thought we could provide a service to other travelers with this same situation. 

Do the cards guarantee that I won't become ill from a meal if I'm on a special diet or have food allergies?

Although we at SelectWisely have made every effort to provide the most accurate translations possible for our cards, foreign language translation is an inexact science. In some cases, languages do not have a one-word counterpart for an item or idea, and therefore a translation must be descriptive in nature. In addition, every language is subject to regional differences stemming from local dialect or custom. We assume no responsibility for misinterpretations of the information provided on our cards.


How long does it take to get the cards?

Standard orders for cards usually ship within 2-3 business days after receiving the order. Special Orders can take from 3-5 business days to ship Delivery of the cards once shipped depends on your location.

We have been experiencing an increasing number of international delays and non-delivery of packages in some countries. We are not sure why this is but we recommend that you choose EMAIL as your shipping method if you live outside of the US. This will be faster and ensure delivery of the cards before your trip.

Typical delivery times are:

How do I get a card emailed to me?

Select "Email Delivery" as your shipping method during checkout.

Do you take orders over the phone?

We do not take orders over the phone. Orders should be placed through our web site or via our special order form. For us, it is better to have a documented request so the details are not misunderstood in a phone conversation.

Can I return the cards?

Due to the custom nature of these cards, we do not accept returns. However we will ensure that each customer gets the cards that they need.


How much does shipping cost for cards?

A shipping and handling fee of $1.50 USD per item ordered is charged to any destination. We ship orders first class USPS air and ground. Expedited orders for next day or 2nd day delivery can be shipped upon request and for an additional charge. Email is also available at no shipping charge.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to all of the major countries of the world.

Do you ship to non-residential addresses - like company locations, hotels and post office boxes?

Yes we do, however, shipping to a residence or PO Box has the best chance of delivery. Shipping cards to a hotel is not recommended.


Can you provide translations for languages that are not listed on your website?

Yes. Today we have about 65 languages and we continue to expand this selection. Our list includes all of the world's common languages and many less known territorial languages. If there is a language that you do not see in our list please see our Special Order page and ask about it.

Are your Chinese translations in Cantonese or Mandarin?

There are two languages spoken in China - Cantonese and Mandarin. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong, in Macau and is understood in many Chinese restaurants in the United States. Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan and on Mainland China in the People's Republic of China. In addition, the written language has two forms: traditional and simplified. In general the simple form is used on Mainland China and the traditional form in Hong Kong. The SelectWisely cards use translations in both writing styles depending on the travel destination.

Security & Privacy

Does the website have security when I place my order?

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Every purchase you make at SelectWisely is completely safe. uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) during checkout. SSL is the internet standard for secure commerce transactions to transmit your credit card information over the Internet.

What personal information do you collect on customers?

Our site's checkout order form requires customers to give their contact information (such as name and e-mail address), financial information (credit card number), and demographic information (zip code, state and country). We use customer contact information from the order checkout form to send customers their orders. Customer contact information is also used to contact the customer if necessary. Financial information that is collected is used for payment purposes only. In our customer Testimonials we display customer comments and feedback and include only the first name and general location.

Do you resell or distribute customer names and addresses to others?

We do not rent, sell or otherwise distribute our customer names, street addresses, email addresses, or credit card information.