Our Story

SelectWisely was born out of the experience of our daughter who is severely allergic to nuts and peanuts. Upon her return from a trip to Europe we asked all the typical questions: "What country did you like best? How were the youth hostels? How did you like the food?" In answer to the last question she said that because of her allergy to nuts and peanuts, she avoided all unfamiliar foods. Not being able to tell food servers about her condition, she stuck with what she knew: vanilla ice cream, bread and shish kabobs. No pastry in Vienna, no chocolates in Switzerland, and no local French cuisine. Wanting to help her and others with similar challenges, we developed this unique service. And now years later our mission has grown to help travelers throughout the world communicate their health and medical needs.

We understand the constant vigil required to avoid allergy-triggering foods, food with hidden ingredients, foods with insufficient labeling and foods tainted by cross-contamination. We also understand the need for travelers to be safe in their everyday interactions as well as to be ready if an emergency occurs. For people with severe health and medical conditions, communication and prevention is the key to survival.


In 2004, when we started this business, we offered just three types of cards in the ten most commonly spoken languages. Over the years we have expanded to over 35 types of cards offered in more than 60 languages. Even with this many products we know we still won't be able to meet the needs of all of our customers - so we offer custom made cards. Our Custom Order cards are tailor-made for your unique needs so you can travel with peace of mind.

The Mission

What started as a mission to help people with food allergies has now expanded to help people with all sorts of diet and health concerns when they travel to countries where they don't speak the language.

Our travel translations are used by people all over the world and today we supply our cards to customers in more than 20 countries. Our customers are very diverse - from parents and grandparents, to business travelers, to military families, to students, to adventurers ... and sometimes to people just on vacation!

Our goal to help people stay healthy when away from home. We do this by providing customized language translations. We are located in the New York metro area of the United States about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from New York City.

In The Media

Since 2004, SelectWisely has been recognized as the market leader in the production and distribution of food allergy travel translation cards. Our work has been acknowledged in a variety of media - magazines, newspapers, television, radio and online blogs among others. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself!