Custom Orders are for everything else that you don't find on our web site.  If you have health concerns, drug allergies, food allergies or other medical conditions not found on our cards or if you want multiple languages on a card or if you need a language other than the ones we currently offer, please submit a custom order.  We can even make custom cards with your personal emergency contact information, name, address, medical references and a picture of you as we have done for many customers before.

Below is an overview of the Custom Order process from start to finish which costs you nothing until you approve of your final Custom Order specification. Click the "Start Custom Order Request" below to get started!

Overview of Process:

Custom Order Request

Click on the "Start Custom Order Request" button below tell us about:

  • Type of Custom Card Needed
  • Traveling Destinations & Languages Needed
  • Allergy, Medical or Emergency Needs

    We will work with you for FREE to specify your Custom Order.

  • Translation Experts

    After you submit your Custom Order form one of our Translation Experts will reach out to you. They will go back and forth with you to understand your specific requirements, craft custom statements, offer suggestions and consultation to cover your specific needs.

    We have helped thousands of customers and will use that expertise to help you.

    Finalize Custom Order

    Through our collaboration we will specify the exact statements and imagery that will ultimately end up on your custom card. Before you are asked to pay for anything you will know exactly what you will get and the price for your custom order.

    We will continue to work to refine your custom order until you are completely satisified with what you will be buying.

    Place Your Order

    With your Custom Order finalized you have everything you need to approve and place your order. The last correspondence with our Translation Experts will include a link that will allow you to give your final approval and pay for your Cusom Order.

    Click the link provided and follow the instructions to pay for your Custom Order. Once purchased we will get your Custom Order processing started.

    Translation & Fabrication

    We keep the process moving by getting your custom statements translated & verified with actual human translators that understand the nuance of your requests. We'll then create a custom card proof to incorporate the english statements, foreign statements (if applicable) and card imagery in the format we specified during our consultation.

    Order Fulfillment

    With your Custom Order finalized we will print two copies of your Custom Order cards for each language ordered and ship it out.

    For those in a rush or already at a travel destination we can also email deliver your Custom Order.