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SelectWisely Affiliate Program

SelectWisely products offer peace of mind to the millions of people that travel who are concerned about their food and drug allergies, diet concerns and emergency situations when they travel to foreign speaking countries. Our travel translation cards provide professionally translated phrases on laminated cards that fit easily in to wallets for use when dining out or during travel emergencies. Additionally, we have a wide array of English only products to convey the seriousness of food allergies and other health concerns to chefs when dining out locally. Since our products have such a broad appeal it is easy to start making money by becoming an affiliate of SelectWisely!

Program Highlights:

  • 10%+ commissions
  • 120 day cookie retention
  • Average order of $35+
  • 10% affiliate referrals
  • Monthly bonuses and incentives
  • Variety of discounts & specials
  • Activation bonuses
  • Custom creative upon request
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • We'll do all the work!

    Just let your visitors know of our offers and we'll do the rest! You won't have to do any selling, order fullfillment, or customer service - that's our job. Our affiliate partner, Share-A-Sale, is one of the most trusted affiliate programs out there. They handle all of your payments and provide all the tools you need to monitor, report on, and expand your efforts.

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