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Read a customer's feedback about her trip to Southeast Asia:

 "SelectWisely was a tremendous help to me on our trip to Southeast Asia...."

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A customer travels to China.  An article of her trip can be found in the 2018/9 winter issue of Allergic Living magazine. 

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Unlike packaged foods, cosmetics typically have no ingredients label making it impossible to know the compounds used in the product.  Best way to avoid this is with a small skin test first.

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Traveling over a long period of time? (lucky you)  Check out this article from the NY times for things to bring, to do and to remember. 

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Anyone who has the opportunity to travel to Italy needs to go to Rome and in particular to the Pantheon and Vatican City.  Yes there’s the Colosseum and other fabulous ancient sites and museums to visit but for me these two destinations were unexpectedly off the charts

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New EU regulations for consumer food information influences Rome hotel restaurant menu by adding little food allergy icons.

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This morning I was reading the news online and an article about kitchen sponges carrying bacteria caught my attention.  Are food allergens in your kitchen sponge?

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Study abroad programs are a great way to see the world for college students.  Inspite of all the scary stuff in the world today, kids need to get out on their own, to discover the world, to be inconvenienced, to wonder, to learn to take a calculated risk, to say hello in a foreign language.

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50 years ago this year the antibody immunoglobulin (IgE) was discovered by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden in collaboration with a team from Children's Asthma Research Institute and Hospital in Denver.

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