December 1, 2013

In the November/December 2013  issue of AAA Westways magazine there is a short article on Traveling with Food Allergies.  Our translation cards are mentioned for people traveling internationally. The article has some good basic advice. To paraphrase...

  1. fly early in the day.  This makes sense because most of the food allergens are not ingredients in breakfast assuming you have a meal or purchase food on the plane.
  2. carry sanitary wipes to clean the arm and head rest
  3. checkout airline policies on accommodating passengers with food allergies
  4. bring medications with a copy of their prescriptions
  5. bring allergy translation cards from SelectWisely if traveling internationally.   

Also mentioned were doctor notes in the event an airline or airport security discussion becomes necessary for medications and auto-injectors. The article didn’t mention that we have letters like these as well on our web site.  You can read the entire article online at

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