January 28, 2015

I've been meaning to get to this topic since last summer when I read an Lobsters at marketarticle in the New York Times about the next food craze - bugs. Actually this is not a new topic or outrageous.  Insects and worms are in the cultural diet of many countries.  But here in the US?  Not so much. If anything, it's a bug that falls into the soup bowl or a fly in the water glass.  That's about it.

But now on the horizon are new sources of food protein that can be processed into flour, pastes and cooking sauces.  And of course, do I see a 'gluten free' label on a bag of insect flour?  You can bet on it.

It's all in the mind anyway.  If you were starving, worms and crickets would be top of mind.   Look at a lobster.  Is that not just a very large insect?  All we need now is a good marketing machine in back of a high protein, chocolate candy health bar with a nut substitute of crunchy crickets.  Do you think they're salty?


Tags: Food Allergies · Gluten Free · Modern food