December 20, 2013

A close customer of ours from Australia has some good feedback on his recent trip to Korea. 

“I recently travelled to South Korea. I was surprised as to how little English was spoken which made communicating a little more difficult. I have a severe anaphylaxis allergy to egg and egg products. The food allergy cards were extremely useful in allowing staff at restaurants to understand that I had an allergy and that extreme caution needed to be taken to ensure that my food was prepared carefully. I felt that the cards were particularly useful as people understood that I had an allergy rather than thinking that I simply did not like eating eggs.

An interesting observation I found in Korea is that food is eaten communally with your group. The main course is served in the middle and condiments are placed on the side. It is important to take care in these circumstances to ensure no cross-contamination occurs. For travelers with an egg allergy, you will enjoy Korea a lot. They do not put egg in a lot of their batters, street food is generally egg safe (depending on what you order) and at restaurants egg tends to be placed in as a final additional product rather than being mixed into the main meal itself. “

We hope this helps others traveling to this fascinating country.


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