November 21, 2017

Last October I was in Rome for a few days.  We caught the express train from the airport to the city and then the metro (at rush hour!) to the hotel.  Great crazy bustling experience on a Friday morning.  After checking into our room at the hotel, I was rummaging through the hotel brochures and came across the room service menu.  Nothing out of the ordinary for the food offering but it had a section that I’d not seen before referencing food allergy ingredients.   Apparently there are new EU regulations for consumer food information so the hotel added  little icons to the room service menu representing all of the major food allergens including nuts, peanuts, fish, eggs, soy, milk, sesame and shellfish.  It also referenced gluten free, sulfa, lupins, mustard and celery. It was great to see this in the menu.

But celery?  Having dealt with tens of thousands of customers over the years I don’t recall any allergic to celery. Maybe it's a European trend.

Tags: Food & Travel Safety · Food Allergies · Food Labeling · Food Safety