March 26, 2014

I saw those words together and it caught my attention.  Did you know that selling fake food was a multi-billion dollar business?   Did you know that your food – fresh or not – can have weird supplements and ingredients – especially food that is grown or packaged in far off places.  I’m not talking about food allergens, here.  Other stuff.  Toxic stuff.  Filler.  Cheap substitutions of ingredients. Deadly or not when you buy orange juice you expect it to be made from oranges, right?

Dairy products are notorious as well as meat, spices and liquids like syrup and fruit juices as you can read in the articles below.  And out of this has grown a food fraud detection industry selling chemical and DNA testing equipment to verify that cheese is really made of cheese.  If you want to get crazy about what you can eat, read up on this topic.

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