December 17, 2019

cat animal dander allergy asthmaThe other day we received a special order request for a food allergy card but the customer also wanted a statement about pet dander added to the card.  This was an unusual request so I did a little research on what exactly was pet dander.  I found a very interesting article on the American Lung Association web site.   Dander is dried flecks of skin from animals with fur (cats, dogs, rodents) or feathers (birds) and when it become airborne it can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions.  

I have this problem with cats.  If I enter a room or house where cats have spent any amount of time, I very quickly have itchy eyes and trouble breathing.  I’ve learned that that is my warning sign to get fresh air.  The article also mentions that pet allergen particles remain in the air for a long time because they are very light weight – which I suppose means that they float in the air.  Take a minute to read it.

We offer cat allergy card which frankly not a lot of customers want but it speaks to the same issue.

Tags: Allergies · Asthma · Cat and dog allergy · pet dander