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Our doctor letter for auto-injectors (like an Epi-Pen) can be used with customs agents, airport security and airline boarding customer service. Print or save this PDF, take it to your doctor and have your doctor print it again with their letterhead. Show it to customs and airport security to explain why you are carrying a medical device. This letter is only available by email. It is in PDF file format and not laminated.

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  • Attention: customs agents, hospital staff, airline or train staff, security staff Date: Patient Name: To whom it may concern: The above named person is my patient. They suffer from life-threatening food allergies requiring strict dietary avoidance and a restricted diet. There is a risk for anaphlyaxis if the wrong food is ingested. Patients with food allergies may need to carry a supply of their own food while traveling. Some foods may need to be kept refrigerated during travel. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that makes it medically necessary for my patient to carry EpiPen®, which is an autoinjector of epinephrine, and an antihistamine (for example, liquid Benadryl® and/or Zyrtec®) at all times. EpiPen® autoinjectors are prescribed by a licensed medical professional. My patient must have these life-saving medications at all times, especially during times of travel away from home. In the event of an exposure, a severe allergic reaction may occur. Every minute is critical in using this medication to treat the allergic reaction and to prevent a life-threatening reaction. Please allow my patient to have a supply of food and the emergency medications available at all times during the flight. Please feel free to call my office at the following phone number with any additional questions: Sincerely, (front)

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